Monday, 9 February 2009

The Mantis And The Ant

One day the bug and the ant were walking around the garden and having some sweet talks and jokes. They saw this mantis busy praying. The mantis and the bug were good friends, so the bug introduces the mantis to her friend ant. They had some few talks and after a couple of minutes the bug and the ant decided to continue walking.

Everytime the ant passes the trail where she met the mantis, she always notice that he is always busy in his work. The mantis won't even notice the ant, until the ant started to mock the mantis. Knowing that the mantis has mood swings and yet she still continues to mock him. And that's the time the mantis realizes the existence of the ant. They became good friends, started to share thoughts, smile, laugh, tease and even cry.

As time goes by, it seems like they are already started to care for each other. Until one day, the mantis is not in the mood due to some problems in his work until the ant got involved for being hot tempered of the mantis. He got angry to the ant. Some unbearable words has been released from his mouth and the ant got hurt. She cried, got confused and didn't know what to do. She got home feeling lonely and feeling some part of her is missing. The mantis got hurt also because maybe he didn't mean to sorely hurt the ant.

The ant talked to the fairy, who's singing solemnly near the river and told her what happened. And with the magic of the fairy with the magic word everything just went fine. (Sa nakakaalam ng magic word malamang hagalpak ka na sa kakatawa ngayon). The ant was relieved after talking to the fairy.

The mantis and the ant couldn't bear ignoring each other. So they've decided to patch things up. They've learned to ask for forgiveness and learned how to forgive. And from that incident they've realized that they got hurt and not knowing that they are already falling in love with each other.

Thanks to the fairy and to the magic word. That is just the beginning of their love story. Hoping that everyday they will love each other more and that they can surpass all the trials that might come their way.


pEyt said...

true to life story!!!

magic word ...
(hahah...safe na...hindi nako itutulak sa bangin)


Anonymous said...

hmm.. nice story... its time to fly, and its time to grow from the things you used to know.


cyndirellaz said...

kung ang mantis at ant ba ay nagkakaintindihan,sana ganyan din tayong mga tao!

we just have to say the magic word!!

at isa pa, we all have to grow up! sabi nga nila! we have to understand things na ndi natin alam dati, wag tayu maging sensitive ^^ thanks for sharing!

kuletz said...

@peyt--> haha tuwang tuwa ka na ha? ok na bang pumiyok? hahaha

@yhen--> wow mag kakarhyme ha?! galing! thanks yhen

@cindy--> hmm anu nga ba ang magic word? hehe uu korek aja aja fighting!! grow up!! *wink*

ligaya said...

whahaha...ang kuletzkie talaga hehehe..link kita ha? hehehe

Marlon said...

ganun ba ako katanga at hindi ko alam iyong magic word? antagal na pala nitong post, bakit parang ngayon lang ako naligaw?

m a n n said...

sorry for the late comment hon, naalala ko lang kasi this story that creates sparks on us right? hahahaha iloveyou hon....